Matchmaking with Dislocated Workers

About Dislocated Workers Quiz  

Now that summer has arrived, many organizations have high hopes for filling their recruitment needs with fresh interns, but finding that perfect match can be a bit risky. Organizations can easily overlook the fact that interns are generally required to be paid under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), so getting help finding and working with an intern is prudent.

Take the About Dislocated Workers Quiz  below and find out how you can get the intern’s stipend paid at no cost to the employer!

Quiz (mouse-over for answers):
1.  What is a Dislocated Worker?
(A) Unemployed due to natural disaster
(B) Unemployed due to economic conditions
(C) Unlikely to return to a previous occupation
(D) All of the above

(D) All of the above: A dislocated worker is someone who has been laid off through no fault of their own and is unlikely to return to a previous occupation. He or she may also be self-employed but is unemployed due to economic conditions or natural disaster.

2. Dislocated workers provide employers with:
(A) Experienced talent
(B) Soft skills
(C) Cost effective source of labor
(D) All of the above

(D) All of the above: Dislocated workers come to the table with relevant job experience and soft skills. The dislocated worker intern gets the opportunity to gain relevant experience in their field and employers get access to a cost effective source of labor.

3. Are there internship programs that pay for the dislocated worker’s stipend near you?
(A) Yes
(B) Not

(A) Yes: Check out the Internship Pipeline, a pilot program now being offered by the Thurston EDC in partnership with Pacific Mountain Workforce Development, Career Path Services and regional higher education providers, that offers internship assistance to employers.

4. If I hire a dislocated worker intern could I receive reimbursement for some of their salary?
(A) Yes
(B) No

(A) Yes: If an employer wished to convert their intern into a full-time hire, the Pipeline program would help them apply and qualify for a public workforce grant that will reimburse up to 50% of the new hire's salary for 3 months.

“I have been out of work since December 2016, and this internship has given me back my confidence.” – Wendy Delagarza, Pipeline Internship

To learn more about how you can be matched with a great dislocated worker or other intern, and find out about the benefits to employers using the Internship Pipeline program, contact Gene Angle at the Thurston EDC soon – they have people available for this pilot program now!

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